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Below is a scene I wrote describing this picture :

As the black-clad men and women began hurling rocks at the police, they were met with retaliation in the form of teargas, pepper spray and stun grenades. The crowd fanned out in every direction, with police closing in to separate and isolate large groups.  

Some protesters sunk to the floor, arms upraised in a show of submission. Others took to confrontation, goading the police with questions like- “Is this really worth your paycheck?”

The clash appeared unending, with both sides aggressively pursuing their respective ends.

While the smoke from the constant stun grenades filled the air, a protester, his face hidden by a scarf around his nose and mouth, approached the police. The crowd watched in anticipation as he raised his arms. His folded hands betokened an olive branch, and what followed was reduced resistance on either sides of the conflict.

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